We love art and like to spend the necessary attention to your collection. We will gladly discuss your specific wishes, and supply you with more information on our services and tariffs, whether at our office or in the privacy of your home.

1- Taxation for insurance purposes:
Precious and exceptional objects in the home should rather be insured according to "agreed value". This is possible through a Taxation report, an inventory of the objects with a professional description and listing of the replacement value. The Taxation report is part of the contract and the parties accept this as binding. This way it is ensured in black on white that, should something unexpected happen, no discussion will ensue on either the item or the value of the affected valuables.

2- Taxation for division:
The division of valuable goods in an estate, divorce, etc. happens based on an inventory with an estimate in trade value (net-yield if sold).

3- Advice and search assignments:
The current market for objects of art and artworks is extremely wide. More than ever, buyers have a chance to be selective and demanding. Do not limit your choice to what you happen to find, or a specific dealer just happen to offer to you. There is much more! To be able to make full use of the extensive possibilities, you may call on our assistance.
You may question us on quality, authenticity, and price of the works of art. For instance: does the description and the explanation of the seller make sense; is this a quality production of this artist; is the asking price justifiable etc.?
You may also call on us to find a specific work of art for you: you have the works of a specific artist in mind, you have a specific style of art object, or a specific period in mind, etc.
We are in the independent position and have the professional expertise necessary to find the best, just for you.

4- Advice and selling instructions:
We offer professional answers on questions such as:
Where would the best place be to offer this piece of art for sale, and what price can be expected? Would it be best to sell it locally, nationally or internationally?
Do you prefer a discrete private sale (specific 'freshly available' works could reach significantly better prices at private sales, rather than at an auction), or an auction (with its broader publicity, but also higher cost), or to be placed on display at a specific dealer?
You may also call on us for market research, to present and promote your piece of art to interested parties in the best possible way, and to realize a sale.
Since we do not have any bonds with art dealers or auctions, we can investigate the various selling options independently - your result is our ultimate aim.

5- Damage-expertise for insurers; expertise during disputes and in court.

Our trump cards:

1- Expertise
The experts in our office are art historians (K.U.L.).
A solid knowledge of the art market.
Experience: fulltime activity as assessor since 1990.

2- Independence
We are operating exclusively as experts. We are not affiliated to any auction house or art dealer. Our independent position prevents conflict of interest and is a requirement to be able to put your interests first.
During search- and selling instructions, our prospectus is not limited to specific channels.
We can utilise almost any possibilities in order to serve your interests and desires.

3- Dependable and discrete
When you call on our service, you can be sure of personal and discrete service.
Since the establishment of the office in 1996, we have been offering a stable and personal service to our clients.

4- Tariff
The price for estate collection taxation, study- and advice instructions, depends on the time needed to complete the assignment.
Advice is free should this be followed by search- or selling instructions.
In search- or selling instructions, a commission reward is determined.
No purchase or sale = no costs.